apparently our singer looks like an anime character

When I was in high school, my brothers and I were obsessed with Sailor Moon. There was this thing she would do where she would pull down the skin under one eye, stick out her tongue and say, “Nyaaah!!”, which me and my bros thought was hysterical. Who would do something like that? It was just ridiculous. If someone was mad, you just did that to them and they instantly started to crack up.

Exhibit A:

For some reason I started thinking about this while riding my bike to work today, when I realized that although I have never seen someone do this in real life (besides me and my brothers), I had seen something remarkably similar. My beautiful bandmate, Sarah.

Exhibit B:

I’m just sayin’…



About candise

Books and bikes, Zelda and bass guitars. I want to have some sweet conversations about social constructs, -isms and deconstruction of the media.

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