coming soon… MERCH!

play/start tshirt!

We finally figured out how to burn a screen and print our designs! But, sincerely, we couldn’t have done it at all without the help of our friends Smitty and Jack at Collective of Geniuses. They really taught us everything that we needed to know to get started at one of their great screen printing workshops. Then, after a few failed attempts at burning a screen, our other good friend, Meredith Butner took us over the top and helped us to jump the last hurdle of the actual screen burning and exposure time. Smitty, Jack and Meredith, we love you – our awesome and very talented friends.

Want a shirt, tote bag, apron, whatever? Let us know. We’re full-on excited about printing and we’ll be getting some tshirts in soon. And, if you want one sooner than that, just ask. I think we could work something out.

In the meantime, we’re still working on a little recap of the Eugene show at Beyond Patriarchy and we can’t wait to see everybody tomorrow at The Know @ 8pm for the FREE show with FORSORCERERS and The Collected. YES!



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