play/start featured on THE NEW GAY

Thanks to our awesome pals at HOMOGROUND radio, we were featured on the rad web site THE NEW GAY! We can’t express our thanks enough to scantron and Homoground for the work that they are doing and for helping queer listeners and bands connect. We love you.

Make sure to catch up on the Homoground podcasts. There is so much rad new music happening out there.



3 responses to “play/start featured on THE NEW GAY”

  1. Lil Hergeil says :

    hey guys Im living in El Salvador… the tiniest country in America!! (Central america) and I listened your music in Girl/Girl scene… I think you sound so fucking fantastic. You should post more music and videos!! It has been so hard to found you but finally I made it…

    I can thank the shitty myspace for it!!
    Keep rocking and I hope to liste more good music from you guys.

    Lil H.

    • candise says :

      Thanks for the love, Lil! We are actually gearing up for some big stuff; our new album will be available as a free download on May 1st, and we are going on tour in July (sadly, not to Central America, though!). We don’t really use MySpace anymore, but I’m really glad it helped you find us – we try to update this blog pretty frequently, but you can also friend us on Facebook.

      So how is the music scene down there? Any good bands we should know about?

    • the52girl says :

      thanks, Lil H!! so awesome! ❤ leslie!

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