“Dawn of the Day of the Living Queer” and CD RELEASE PARTY!

Holy crap. We haven’t played a show since December. We took some time off to record our album, write some new material, and to get back in touch with our inner musicians. We’ve all been doing some extracurricular business too! Lorenzo was asked to speak on a panel in Philadelphia about his acclaimed portrait series “Transportraits”, Sarah just passed her thesis proposal, Candise became a full-fledged librarian and I, Leslie, learned the opening riff to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. So, you know, just little miracles all around.

But enough about that – on to the shows!  FIRST UP is May 19th at the PSU park blocks near Smith Memorial Union – we will be playing the “Dawn of the Day of the Living Queer” block party along with Tender Forever and NO/HO/MO!!  Big-time awesomness and we are freaking stoked to get back on the stage with some radical performers.

Then… CD RELEASE PARTY! We will be playing at Saratoga on Saturday, May 21st along with super freaking amazing people like one of our favorite bands, Forsorcerers and our good friend Dexter Flowers will be opening the show. Check it out on Facebook.

We are so happy to be getting back out there and playing some shows and we can’t wait to see you out there!

xo – leslie


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