TOUR, DAY 1: Is this real life?


Holy magic balls! We are in serious love. Eureka was a shimmering beacon of love and bagel-mazement.

We were warned ahead of time that Eureka can get pretty quiet during the summer since the students are gone and we were only able to book our show at the Lil Red Lion pretty last minute. So, we were psyching ourselves up to play the most freaking rad and rocking Thursday night show that the bartender had ever seen.

A couple of our friends suggested that we play Eureka with the band Monster Women and we couldn’t have been more stoked. This band is amazing! We are all new and big fans of them. Adorable and addictive music that was making everyone at the club dance. LOVE! People came in from the street and we had so many people dancing in the middle of nowhere on a Thursday night. MOST RAD EVER.

Everyone in Eureka was so sweet to us and offered us places to stay, gave us free chocolate and were just amazing in general.

We can’t wait to come back.

No sleep and a show later. SF entry up next!


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