TOUR, DAY 2: Or Is This Fantasy?

One thing we’ve discovered while on the road is that every member of play/start is weak-sauce when it comes to Hwy 101. It kicked our collective assess. Candise and Sarah get especially carsick so they did most of the driving, but everyone was feeling a little green around those windy Redwood bends. A beautiful, sickening drive.


Alas, the glorious 85 degree weather did not last; we must have brought a bit of Portland to San Francisco, because we couldn’t see anything past the Golden Gate Bridge due to a sweet envelope of cold fucking fog. But we got in safely to the warm and welcoming arms of Bryn, former play/start bassist and current bassist of Hold Me Luke Allen, and her partner Katherine. We were all SO STOKED to be reunited and play some fucking music.


The show was amazing. Our old BFFs Hold Me Luke Allen were sooo good, and Le Panique was mind blowing. Imagine, if you will: Johnny Evil stripped down to his jock strap, the word “QUEER” smeared in marker and sweat across his chest, screaming into a mic and backed by only a crazy distorted pounding bass line and some awesome fucking drums. Beyond cool.

People have  just been so rad. I kind of can’t believe the amazing reception we’ve received on this tour, since it is our first time down in California. We are all just so stoked on life. We love you, San Francisco. We’ll be back soon.


About candise

Books and bikes, Zelda and bass guitars. I want to have some sweet conversations about social constructs, -isms and deconstruction of the media.

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