TOUR, DAY 3: Summer fun and such

After staying up until 3:30AM, we were TIRED the next day. Candise woke up chipper at 9:30, but most everyone slept until WAAAY after proper brunch time. The crew hung out in the park, napping and talking books (MY DREAM) until it was time to get some dinner.

We were assaulted on our walk, but I don’t really want to talk about that b/c it was sad and it hurts my heart to think about. Just know that we all survived and are a crew to be reckoned with (in a totally cuddly and non-violent kind of way).

After decompressing and eating some awesome food, we decided to take a tour on the two most exciting points in San Francisco: The “Full House” house, and tackling the “second steepest navigable hill in the Western Hemisphere.” Video to follow soon.


About candise

Books and bikes, Zelda and bass guitars. I want to have some sweet conversations about social constructs, -isms and deconstruction of the media.

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