TOUR, DAY 4: Orange County: “eat fresh”

From SF we headed south–through traffic– to Anaheim in Orange County. Our leader, Susan (the gps) was rather patient with us as we ignored her insistent cues and finally gave in: she was right. Have we mentioned the pimped out van of love yet, by the way? More on that later.  Determined to rock-out at the Doll Hut we made the 9-hr drive and arrived minutes before go time.

The Hut was dive-done-right, complete with boric acid roach killer strewn about (Lorenzo being a new york native easily identified the white powder as ‘not coke’).

Another fun show where people came in off the street once we started to play–always a good feeling.

Around 1am we finally grabbed some dinner (yeah, you guessed, subway), after chilling on the back patio with our new friends Gina and Anika and meeting some awesome OC queers.  The next post will involve 4 queers questioning the meaning of life, holding Pinocchio at ‘gunpoint,’ and reveling in love-hate. disneyland.


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