Storytime: Pre-teen Dresses, Bass Pedals and Insecurities

When I was in second grade, and I talked my mom in to letting me get this really rad black and neon green polka-dot dress (complete with a built-in belt) for the new school year. Now, I knew this was a fucking cool outfit – it completely represented what I aspired to be: Cool, confident, and fashionable. But I didn’t feel cool, and wearing the dress just didn’t feel right. It didn’t make me any cooler, and I felt like I was pretending to be something I wasn’t. I wore it the first day at my new school where I was the new kid, and the most popular girl in class came up to me and said that she had the same dress. THE SAME FREAKING DRESS!! Okay, so now I KNOW it’s cool. But what did I do? I chickened out. I didn’t wear the dress ever again. That cool girl wore the cool dress multiple times throughout the school year, but I just wasn’t worthy of it.

Flash forward 20 years later. I bought a new pedal, the EHX Bass Microsynth, about three months ago. It is AMAZING. Sounds great. It was expensive and is cool and exactly how I want my bass to sound; yet, I felt like an awkward pre-teen using it.  I found myself constantly asking my band mates, “Does this sound okay? It’s not too crazy?” They assured me it sounded rad, but I still felt self-conscious and insecure.

Screw that. It sounds awesome. So I am going to play the fuck out of this synth pedal. Get ready to dance to the new synth sounds of play/start, friends.




About candise

Books and bikes, Zelda and bass guitars. I want to have some sweet conversations about social constructs, -isms and deconstruction of the media.

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