leslie’s top choices of 2011

1. St Vincent – Strange Mercy
Okay. St Vincent. So amazing. The songs are beautiful and she’s a guitar / gear nerd. In love. (Also, check out the Harmony Bobkat in this video that I would like to have for my birthday present! OKAY THANKS!)

2. YACHT – Shangri-La
Umm, this song will make your brain feel weird. Try it five times in a row. I love it. And the bass line KICKS ASS.

3. Washed Out – Within and Without
Sweet and mellow. This has been a large part of the soundtrack to my winter.

4. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
Sometimes, you fall in love with an artist in and you have pictures of her in your locker when you’re in high school. Then, other times, you have an obsession with this artist and scare your college roommate because you have too many pictures of this artist on your walls. Sometimes.

5. The Kills – Blood Pressures
Dirty. Good.

6. 90’s GRUNGE. I know this isn’t technically okay for a top list of 2011, but my playlist was HEAVY on the 90’s grunge this year. So, I am adding a #6 for that.

Also, I really loved the Exquisite Corpse EP by Warpaint. Close runners-up include Austra, Little Dragon, Tune-Yards, Palo Verde.


About candise

Books and bikes, Zelda and bass guitars. I want to have some sweet conversations about social constructs, -isms and deconstruction of the media.

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